July 22, 2024

About Us


After 21 years OLD of experience in the OUTSOURCING market, OUR portal that meets the needs of independent businesses and professionals who do not want to incur the costs of hiring a direct office, but require physical space to do business and specific activities in certain cities, times and places of the world.

Offices and Virtual Spaces Rental Services

With gceworkspaces.com virtual office companies reduce fraud risk and customer services benefit from competitive prices, greater deals and full mobility.

Virtual offices are a good option for independent individuals and micro businesses, because their costs are lower than a physical space taken on lease in the traditional way.

In virtual offices located telecommunications services, toilet, desk, utilities and other spaces rental business boardrooms and training.

For larger companies, virtual offices can be an option because they ensure that a provider is responsible for the fixed costs of the company, in the form of outsourcing.
These services are available to be integrated for independent, small businesses still can not or will not take on fixed rent your own space.
For multinational gceworkspaces.com is the place to find available office anywhere in the world where you want to expand your business place.

Leading Company

GCE PlacetoWork LLCTM is a leading North American origin that is part of the Grupo Consultor Empresarial HoldingTM.